Sammy wanted to rape this female wrestler, there was a ruckus over the audio leak! Which female wrestler did Sammy want to rape ?

Which female wrestler did Sammy want to rape :-Sammy Guevara, a big wrestler, has been suspended by the All Elite Wrestling Federation because he had said such a thing against WWE Wrestler Sasha Banks, which everyone is shocked to hear. Sammy had jokingly said a very mean thing against Sasha Banks during an interview during the year 2016, whose audio is now going viral on social media.

Which female wrestler did Sammy want to rape


Sammy did ‘dirty talk’

Sammy Guevara joined AEW in the year 2019 but before that he used to work in the backstage of WWE. He said to Sasha Banks, ‘Brother Sasha Banks, oh god. I wanted to rape that woman when I was in WWE. After this video went viral, Sammy Gavera’s troubles increased and he was suspended by AEW. Houston resident Sammy has apologized to Sasha and the fans for this disgusting joke.Which female wrestler did Sammy want to rape

What did Sasha Banks say?

Sasha Banks, who fought in WWE Friday Night SmackDown, has also broken her silence on this issue. The 28-year-old female wrestler has said that Gavera has personally apologized to her. He wrote, ‘I have had a conversation with Sammy Gavera and he has apologized to me. The kind of words he has used jokingly have no place in our society. Sasha further said, ‘I cannot tolerate this kind of action. How someone thinks and his one comment can have a profound effect on someone else’s life. This is what we get to learn from this incident. We have to be accountable for our words and actions. Hopefully Sammy Gavera will learn something from this incident.Which female wrestler did Sammy want to rape

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